Saturday, April 12, 2014

Suwarno father "of the Builders Meatballs" Never Know Her son Found in Freezer

Family Suwarno ( 37 ) , in the village of Gondang Rawe , Andong , Boyolali can not do anything and wait Suwarno bodies found in meat refrigeration in Tangerang , Banten .

Jumadi and Karinem did not expect , the second son of the seven children they had already died. Jumadi admitted he was shocked to learn his son 's body was found in the freezer .

" I do not know initially if it's in the freezer , just a friend of my son saying that Suwarno already dead , " said Jumadi when met at the funeral home .

Meanwhile , Karsinem still looked in shock and crying constantly . Family and neighbors took turns coming to utter grief . Suwarno shock departure of the entire family and the neighbors .

In addition to being the backbone of the family , figure Jumadi quiet and not a lot of acting is considered unlikely to have an enemy . " The person is silent mas , and not a lot of doings ( behavior ) so I also wonder why there is heart to kill him , " said Jumadi .

From the testimony of Joel, Sarwono had wandered for four years in Jakarta . Before trading meatballs , he had worked in a company . After resigning , severance capital obtained is used to open a stall meatball " Great Taste " .

" Last Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) yesterday , a call to the home and asked his mother the news that the new hospital , " said Jumadi .
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The family hopes police solve the case soon . The family is still waiting for the arrival of the bodies from the police . The plan 's body will be buried in the local village cemetery .


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