Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Unmanned Aircraft, Google Wants What?

Drone or popularly called drones , not just a toy of the rich and technology enthusiasts . Tools that can be controlled remotely considered to have future value , both in terms of business , or perhaps also the human side , thus making the company like Google and Facebook want to acquire drone manufacturers .

Google has just acquired a drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) , at a price not disclosed .

Companies from Moriarty , New Mexico , United States , it was only two years old and of course still pioneering . Titan Aerospace headed by Vern Raburn as CEO . He served as CEO of Symantec antivirus software company and is involved in the early development of Microsoft .

A total of 20 employees of the Titan Aerospace endlessly doing research and development that creates great innovation .

Unmanned aircraft resembling a dragonfly that claimed to be able to fly for 5 years without having to go down to land and refuel . They utilize solar power as an energy source . Solar panels placed on the wings and tail . Various plane sizes , depending on the type .

Titan Aerospace Solara 60 , for example , could be the distance of 4 million kilometers to rely on solar power . He was able to survive for 5 years at an altitude of 20 kilometers from the Earth's surface .

This type is the " atmospheric satellites " which has many capabilities similar to a real satellite . Drone weighing 160 kilograms is capable of carrying a variety of equipment weighing 32 kilo grams .

Spread the internet

With the ability to lift weights , I hope the plane can carry a camera apparatus and wireless communication equipment that can transmit the internet signal to the region that is still " offline . "

This is the main mission of Google's purchase of Titan Aerospace : spreading Internet access to areas with no internet access .

Google previously also has projects with a similar mission , called Project Loon . Only Loon Project utilizing high-flying balloon to transmit the internet signal .

Google will combine the two teams that Titan Aerospace technology and can inflate Loon Project communication tasks . Collaboration technology is expected to result in a computer programming algorithm to monitor the wind direction to predict the weather , with a high-resolution photograph of the earth for navigation and mapping features of Google Maps .

" Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism about the potential of technology to improve the world , " Google wrote in a statement . " It's still early days , but it could bring atmospheric satellite internet access for millions of people , and help solve problems , including helping to natural disasters and environmental degradation such as deforestation . "
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Google does have a lot of money to acquire a company and they did have to give up some of that money for " discarded . " Perhaps there is some speculative acquisitions . Some were successful and a source of income .

Nevertheless, Google's efforts to deploy drones internet does not seem to be running smoothly so alone . Regulators in the United States is still reviewing the use of drones in the air for commercial purposes because they also consider the air traffic in and use of the frequency spectrum . Promise , this rule will be completed in 2015 .


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