Saturday, April 19, 2014

Namo Sira Sira, the exquisite Freshwater Beach in Medan

Sira - sira Namo Beach - The beach is a tourist spot that is most sought after by many people . The beach is usually synonymous with the sound of waves, the wind is blowing hard , and the strains of the distinctive sound of a coconut tree .

This time , I 'll tell you about the holidays early last month with a group of STM ( Original Helping States ) at the school where I work . Preparation of any fighter I prepared ahead of time .
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Still curious about the Sira - sira Namo beach . In the city of Medan in particular , the public is more familiar with the title of the creek shore . The beach is decorated with rocks , clear water , which flows fit for rafting . Unlike the typical beach with pounding of the waves .

The trip takes 3 hours in the garden this * person * kejebak usually taken at a distance of 2 hours from the city of Medan . Sira - sira Namo Beach is actually the base of the dam Sira - sira Namo .

Sira - sira Namo is the most fitting sights relieve fatigue . Convenient location , spacious parking , and many other facilities offered .


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