Thursday, April 10, 2014

Motorcycle Lights Illuminate Vote

The sun began to sink, but no legislative election vote count is finished also . Task overwhelmed because they have no explanation for extending voice count .

Some alternatives sought to illuminate the ground location Ballot ( TPS ) 19 wards Andalas , Padang District East , located on Highway Andalas , Padang , West Sumatra, including emergency lights turn on . But with the small lights that illuminate not afford enumeration activities .

An officer had an idea . It then turns on a light motorcycle diarahkkan on the right side of the TPS . Initially, there is a new red bike . Not enough , the officer added one more bike to recapitulate the process can run well . ( Read : Saturday , 400 citizens of Yogyakarta Mencoblos Repeat )
(see also: waptrick video)

Task KPPS TPS 19 Farid Al Farabi admits his lack of coordination with the building owner so you can not light the lamp in the room. " We're not coordinated with the building owner . Accordingly, I can not turn on the lights , " he said.

Collection and calculation of votes is done in one aisle renovated Budi Mulia Field . The TPS is available 297 registered voters in the DPT . However, only 147 are using the right select . ( Read : Arguing with Wife , Team Brass Damaged TPS )

When does the math voice DPRD Padang, then realized there was no light task lights . This leads to the computation of votes molor until 21.00 pm .

Rahmaini , locals , pleaded see calculations using only voice descriptions of emergency lights and two motorbikes. " One of my son 's motor . It would rather turn on his motorcycle to illuminate the location. Though no replacement gas money , " he told Tempo .

Even without adequate explanation , summary calculation process went smoothly voice . Moreover, all the witnesses to accept the condition. ( Read : Lagi Junk man : Not Much Hope of Elections )

General Elly Yanti Bawaslu West Sumatra say the explanation will not interfere with the process of computation . " We will follow up. Could be that the calculation will be done again, " he said on Thursday , 10 April 2014 .


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