Monday, February 24, 2014

Finally Reveal long Awaited Sony Xperia Sirius

Sony did not want to miss to introduce the newest flagship product besutannya . The Japanese company was finally unveil the next generation Xperia Xperia Z2 Z with the name that has long been discussed among gadget enthusiast busy lately.

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Utilizing a large event Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 held in Barcelona , Sony put an end to rumors surrounding its flagship handsets commonly known by the code name of Xperia ' Sirius ' . The company introduced the Xperia Android -powered smartphone Z2 as an upper class that will expand the world market .

Citing Ubergizmo pages , Xperia Z2 wear quad- core Snapdragon processor speed of 2.3 GHz with 801 RAM 3 GB . Wearing a 5.2 -inch screen Full HD quality powered with 3200 mAh battery as proving that Sony listened to the users who expect a large capacity battery .

As usual , Sony makes the power of the camera as one of the flagship features of its flagship smartphone . Xperia Z2 equipped with a 20.7 MP camera with G Lens homemade . This camera can be used to record 4K video quality 30 frames per second ( FPS ) with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels .

Sony also added a noise-cancellation feature on the Xperia Z2 headset Noise Cancelling Headset MDR NC31EM . This feature will make the sound produced from the Xperia Z2 clearer either when calling or other activity .

Sony is indeed a matter of hardware vendors including one winner . Well , at the Sony operating system Android 4.4 was already entering KitKat is the manufacturer when the handset is marketed in March.

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Xperia Z2 is made in three colors: white , black and purple . Unfortunately , it is still not known how the tag that will be installed in the handset hero of a Japanese company that later . We'll wait.