Thursday, April 17, 2014

BI: Pick prohibited Publisher Electronic Money Closing Costs

Menyempuranakan Bank Indonesia regulations on electronic money , the Bank Indonesia Regulation ( PBI ) PBI No.16/8/PBI/2014 regarding change No.11/12/PBI/2009 of electronic money .

Executive Director of Policy and Payment System Oversight BI , Rosmaya Hadi , explains , one of which is set by Bank Indonesia is the minimum value that must be abandoned electronic money holder .

" Publishers are prohibited other conditions , unilaterally withhold money , charge termination . Because electronic money such as money , must be taken whole , "said Rosmaya , at the Bank of Indonesia, Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Rosmaya said , electronic money differently from the savings . In general , saving clients must leave balances to terminate or close the account . He was sure , electronic money issuers may not charge a termination fee of electronic money services .

In addition , the electronic money issuer is not allowed to establish an exclusive partnership with public facilities . For example, the use of electronic money at the pump should be from a variety of publishers .

" Gas station should be open to all publishers , as well as toll , and ( later ) MRT , " said Rosmaya .

However, BI still provide an opportunity for publishers to charge fees . It is intended that the business of electronic money more passionate , and appeared healthy competition .

Rosmaya admitted , issued since 2009, the use of electronic money should still be encouraged . " The organizers are less interested because it does not provide benefits . They only collect fees from card reedem process ," he explained .
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Publisher Electronic money also allowed to charge the first issuance and replacement of lost cards . " There is also an administration fee for accounts dormant (unused for years ) , the cost of services and facilities , the cost of charging ualng , if the cost of inter-bank cash withdrawals , " said Rosmaya .


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