Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Residents and Two Outer Islands in Papua New District Following Election Today

A number of areas in Papua New polling in order to carry out the legislative elections in 2014 , on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) . Voting in these areas was delayed due to logistical delays .

Secretary Election Commission Runwarin Nduga Anthony , said there are two districts in the District Nduga , the interior of Papua , which carry voting today . The new logistics arrived today in both the district due to bad weather .

" The plane belonged to missionaries , AMA , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) could fly but due to bad weather then back to Wamena , " said Runwarin .

According to him , the two districts are Wudpaga District which has 10 polling stations and Mengiaden District which has 13 polling stations with a turnout of each 458 people .

Nduga district alone has 32 ​​districts with voter number 146 784 people, spread across 421 polling stations .

Elsewhere , a total of 106 residents of the outer islands Mapia , Supiori Regency , Papua , also new channel voting rights on this day after the logistics are sent by ship KM Yap Wairon , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) night.

" Certainty shipping logistics with an estimated ship Wairon Yap residents Thursday afternoon will distribute election voting rights , " said Epson Prawar , Mapia island residents , in Biak .

Based on data from Biak Sahbandar today , pioneering ship KM Yap at 21:40 midnight Wairon send election supplies to the island Mapia and Brasi , the ballot boxes were escorted box pileg four members of the Commission , two members of the municipal police , Supervisory Committee , and police officers Police Supiori .
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" Ship pioneering KM Yap district government Wairon bring citizens as a public passenger Mapia 25 people , " said Sem pioneer ship service officer added.

Slowness of delivery of election supplies to the island Mapia constrained because KM Papua Five ships were damaged leaves so that the ship's engines election supplies can not be transported on a Tuesday night at 19:00 pm .


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