Saturday, April 26, 2014

Money, General Election We Anomaly

Already have an option yet ? If not , home alone . There is little here, " said a man in a cell phone conversation in the corner of the township , Sarua , Chester , South Tangerang , Banten .

It was a brief conversation , about nine hours before the voting legislative elections . Villagers call the movement " crickets " in the middle of the night . Envelopes distributed teams shadow candidates , especially provincial assembly candidates or agents of the district / city . In addition to the envelope a minimum of U.S. $ 15,000 , in short a very clear message that voters cast their particular candidate names .
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Should blame the people who receive the money ? Alternatively , it actually rests on an error of political parties that " origin " select candidates in order to reach the figure of victory despite some candidates who do not rely on the money to dredge the voice of the people ?

In an instant , the attack " crickets " that satisfy the economic needs of the people's insistence to make voters complacent . Forget , when the act tarnished the party cadres in the importation of bovine graft , corruption Hambalang construction of facilities , and hit the Bank Century case . A number of achievements covered Yudhoyono government indecision perception and perception of corrupt party , as experienced by the Democratic Party .

Forget , when the parties are very close to the figure of the suffering of the people due to the Lapindo mudflow , tax evasion , corruption acts oblivious to the head area with money laundering or the figure of the party cadres who allegedly has a dark history of human rights violations and violence . In fact , with the money , voters can be contrived to forget for a moment the case law that overrides candidates .

Meanwhile , after falling in the 2004 presidential election , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle for a decade has chosen not in the government coalition , the government chose the opposite . Critical attitude toward the government regarded the community as a positive performance , it exceeds the performance of the government that has attempted to guarantee the safety and security of a nation . That anomaly Indonesian elections .

Why is money more massive political behavior ? Political analyst Burhanuddin Muhtadi said , the cause is institutional design that makes open proportional system based personal voters and candidates . Indicated , there are three parties who perform systematic political money . Not primarily by calegnya , but his party is playing with bombarding in the constituency fat .

Another cause is a culture of reciprocity. In Banten , for example , equated with babajakan political elections , in which a culture of binge eating catfish . That's where the candidates invited to provide urunan for the party , which could affect the level of desirability . Burhanuddin not deny , there is also a false political behavior . Increasingly do not trust the political institutions , the political maraklah money .

This is our electoral anomalies . After the vote, whether purely people's choice or simply " buy " , the coalition has now become a tug of interests between the parties .


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