Friday, April 18, 2014

Always Fit , Miss Online 2014 Do It

Always Fit , Miss Online 2014 Do It
KEEP your body healthy is an important thing in wading solid activity . Keeping your body healthy is also performed by the winner of Miss Online 2014 , Jesslyn Anggasta Hardi .

" In health care, I have never been picky . Example , there must be a vegetable because I most like to eat there - broth soup , " Jesslyn said during a visit to the editorial Okezone at HighEnd Building , Kebun Sirih , Central Jakarta , recently this .
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In addition, the 18 -year-old woman in maintaining health also consume a variety of fruits . Jesslyn claimed to love eating fruits , such as yam which is believed to make the skin become white and healthy , then banana , pineapple , watermelon , and grapes .

" So , when the quarantine was Miss Indonesia is also often provided fruits , such as bananas or grapes , and others-others , so are used to eating fruit , " said Miss Online 2014 .

In addition , in order to keep his body healthy virgin sweet smile owner also does not forget to exercise . Jesslyn admitted he was pleased the gym so that his body fit and healthy .

" Sometimes it is tired too, if the gym as the body becomes stiff , but still have the gym to be fit , " he concluded .


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