Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hatta Claims Supported Kader Democratic Majority

Hatta Claims Supported Kader Democratic Majority

Candidates for Vice President Hatta Rajasa stated, the Democrat Party is institutionally decided not to endorse any of the candidates for the presidential and vice presidential candidates in presidential elections on July 9.
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However, he claimed, Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa has the support of most of the cadre of Democrats.

"This is where I want to say, the vast majority of it to provide support to us," said former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, told reporters in Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (06/07/2014).

Chairman of the National Mandate Party said although officially neutral states, the cadre of Democrats are welcome to support one partner. Hatta believes Democrats will support a significant effect on the presidential election pemenangannya efforts.

"Yes, yet it has a grass roots Democrats (grass roots) also, support, and organizational abilities and good infrastructure, so we get extra power," he said.

Formally, the Democrats chose not to get involved in the presidential election. The decision was taken after the Democrats failed to form a new shaft to carry the convention attendees. Because already register with the National Election Commission, Prabowo-Hatta remain hopeful Democrats supported informally.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

German researchers : Due mudflow Earthquake in Yogyakarta

Researchers from the University Research Team Born, Germany , Prof. Stephen Miller said Lapindo mudflow caused by natural disasters triggered by the earthquake in Yogyakarta a few years ago .

" Lusi ( mudflow ) related to the earthquake in Yoyakarta before, " said Stephen told reporters after presenting the study mudflow in Sidoarjo , East Java , in Building Research and Development Center of Marine Geology , in Djungdjunan Street , Bandung , West Java , on Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .( Read: produk aluminium )

Stephen admitted , his team never went directly to Sidoarjo to conduct direct research . The conclusion , said Stephen , reinforced with the same events in a number of countries , such as Italy .

" Louise is in Sidoarjo it happened just like in Italy . So , because there are earthquakes before, there is friction heat rocks . Lusi out like lava because there is pressure from below then bursts out , " he said .

Stephen said , there is no solution to overcome the problem of the emergence of the Lapindo mud , because according to him , it is a natural phenomenon .

" Lusi could not stop , it's a natural phenomenon , so it will continue to issue ripples but small and will not expand . Lusi at the bottom may be hardened , but could not trampled , as if trodden will become soft , " he said .

Even so , Stephen said , the mud will not be harmful to the surrounding community , because letupannya not too big . "No danger , no problem for the local population , " he said .

Meanwhile , Deputy Head of the Sidoarjo Mud Mitigation Agency ( BPLS ) Hadi Prasetyo said , there are two theories that the cause of the Sidoarjo Mud .

" Firstly because there is an explosion in the basement , and the second is triggered by an earthquake in Yogyakarta . Which disaster in Yogya and have long been controversial , even to be taken ( research ) to South Africa , " said Hadi .(Read: grosir lampu emergency surya )

Then came again the alleged cause of melupanya Lapindo mud due to geothermal . According to Hadi , the allegations were still to be clarified . However, according to Hadi , Lapindo mudflow disaster as much as possible can be used to package tourism in the area in the future .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Coordinating Minister for the Economy: Subsidies To Goods Definitely Not Effective

Coordinating Minister ( Menko ) Chairul Economic Affairs stated , any subsidy in the form of goods effectively and certainly not much deviation occurs . It refers to the subsidized fuel oil ( BBM ) by the government .

" I'm from the first moment to be president KEN ( National Economic Committee ) have submitted subsidies should be given to people , not goods . Because if the goods receipt is definitely a lot by people who are not eligible to receive the subsidy , " said CT while talking to reporters at his office on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

CT pointed out , the fuel subsidy should be given to the community can not afford . However , in reality more than 50 percent of the fuel subsidy is used by car users , which is far from incapable category . " So it is not right . So all subsidies , whatever , there must be a deviation to the goods , " said CT .
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Furthermore , CT revealed today it open all options related to the reduction of fuel subsidies . But so is the execution time of a wedge . Therefore , the reduction of fuel subsidies recognition option requires a relatively long time .

" Reduction of subsidies disbursed began his discourse to the reduction that took more than half a year . Opening I wrote , all my options open . I have to say to the ministers for the economy , reduction of subsidies we all options open . 's Just when to practice , the subject discussion on the state budget ( State Budget Amendment ) , "said CT .

As reported , the government's draft budget - 2014 Amendment has set expenditure ceilings fuel subsidy of Rp 285 trillion to Rp 74.3 trillion , an increase of the ceiling set in the state budget of Rp 210.7 trillion .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

2 New Machines Clean Pluit Reservoir of Water Hyacinth

Removal of water hyacinth plant project in Pluit Reservoir , Networking , North Jakarta , re-done . Currently there are two new heavy equipment , which came into force on Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) .

" Since yesterday has begun in the trial . Now there are two tools , which have different functions , " said Suwitno , the person in charge and nonpermanent employees , North Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

According Suwitno , the existence of such a device would greatly assist the work of the janitor , to remove water hyacinth plants . So far , only the cleaning is done using three small motor boat .

"If only by human power alone , going up when completion ? Moreover hyacinth growing very fast , " said Suwitno .
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Observation , Monday morning both heavy equipment has been put into use . Some city office workers who previously raised hyacinth manually , receive operational guidance of the heavy equipment operator .

Pluit Reservoir cessation normalization project since the end of last year , not only makes it almost filled the entire surface of the water hyacinth plants . It also resulted in the silting of reservoirs . The lack of heavy equipment such as excavators make mud back to the bottom of the reservoir .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Bandar Judi Togel turnover of USD 3.5 Million Arrested

Police Karawaci , Tangerang City , arrested two bookies types Toto Dark ( Lottery ) that turnover Rp 3 , 5 million a day .

Police Chief Commissioner Jonny Panjaitan Karawaci , Tangerang , on Friday , said the two suspects namely Ouw aka Pole Tjoen Tutung ( 48 years ) and Len Ouw Nie Andrie aka Tanu ( 31 ) .

Both actors which are the citizens of New Market Karawaci , was arrested at his home after a previously performed reconnaissance .

In the arrest , also acquired various pieces of evidence such as 22 rekapan and money amounting to Rp 1.644 million .
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"The perpetrator was arrested at his residence while officers recapitalize the cash proceeds from the gambling deposit agents , " he said .

In carrying out the action , players use a mode offers via text message to every agent retailers .

From the retailer agent , proceed to any advertisers . Money installation of agents , paid to large airports named Cin Boy in Kedaung , Sepatan .

Based on the description of the perpetrator , the benefits achieved reached Rp 3, 5 Million Rp 10 million a day or every three days .

The arrest of the perpetrators came from residents who report feeling restless . Until finally made ​​the arrest .

Now , the police are still mengecar Police Karawaci other alleged perpetrators of major airports named Cin Boy . " Presumably there is still a bigger airport and is now being pursued , " he said .

Andrie Tanu , one of the actors said, he served as perekap money deposit with honors RP250 thousand every week . " I've run the business three months , " he concluded .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bank Mandiri industrious Find Target Acquisition

Bank continues to finalize plans to show off at the ASEAN banking arena . One way is , gold ribbon bearing the bank is still keen to find the object the acquisition of a financial institution .

In the second half of this year , the bank focused search for acquisition targets in the form of a bank that is engaged in the retail business . " If the banks , we find that moving in retail , " said Pahala N. Mansuri , Finance and Strategy Director of Bank Mandiri , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . However , the red plate this bank did not rule out acquiring non - bank companies .

Completing the establishment of independent finance companies . Companies form joint venture (JV ) that will work on the two-wheeler financing in markets outside of Java.
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While looking for acquisition targets , plans to finalize Independent acquisition financing . The need to fund the inorganic growth to Rp 12 trillion . Mandiri will use internal funds to finance a portion of the total funding needs .

Needs funds to finance acquisitions , including 80 percent of the shares Inhealth . Earlier this month , Mandiri has completed the purchase of 60 percent stake in the insurance company whose value ranges from Rp 1 trillion . " It is estimated to cost Rp 1.2 trillion to Rp 1.3 trillion , " said Pahala .

In addition to internal cash , Mandiri will utilize a variety of funding sources . Currently Mandiri still finalizing funding source option in question . To be sure , Pahala asserted , the issuance of debt securities or bonds is not an option to reap fresh funds .

" Anyway , in any form , but does not include bonds , " he added . In fact , at the beginning of this year , Mandiri had planned to publish the Collective Investment Contract Asset Backed Securities ( KIK EBA ) amounting to Rp 500 billion - Rp 700 billion . ( Issa Almawadi / Nina Dwiantika )


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Golkar Determinants Victory Could Be Prabowo-Hatta Airport

Political analyst on IndoStrategi , Andar Nubowo , judging step of the Golkar party Chairman , Bakrie, at the end of time or injury time to join the coalition of political parties - Hatta Rajasa Prabowo supporters is crucial for improving the couple 's electability -vice presidential candidate this .

" It is not possible Golkar be a major factor for the victory Prabowo - Hatta , " he told reporters here on Tuesday .

Andar Nubowo is also Director IndoStrategi said Bakrie ( ARB ) has changed its position as the " king maker " ( determinant ) . It 's very precise and rational .
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" It shows a great spirit ARB as a political leader . Mandate given to the ARB Rapimnas Golkar properly utilized and beneficial for Golkar and the pair - Hatta Prabowo , " Andar said .

Andar said the decision to become a " king maker " and support options to Prabowo - Hatta is the most realistic . In addition , the platform of the party , between Golkar and Gerindra relatively the same .

So is the personal relationship between ARBs and the running mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa already know well . '' So , there are the same compounds , '' he said .