Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brochure Leaked Sony Xperia Mini Z2

Sony is rumored to be released Xperia phone Z2 in a smaller version of the Xperia believed Z2 Compact . However, these rumors seem tertepis with Z2 Xperia phones leaked brochure with a smaller size called Xperia A2 .

Ubergizmo launch on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) , a leaked photo of the Xperia A2 brochure written with Japanese characters and displays a choice of four colors , which are orange , purple , white , and black .

Based on the rumors , the Sony Xperia A2 specification has a 4.3 -inch screen with a resolution of 720 pixels . Affairs kitchen spur the Xperia A2 uses Qualcomm 's Snapdragon or newer 800 is 801 .
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The processor is backed by 2GB of RAM with up to 16GB of storage memory . It is not known whether the phone also provides an external memory card to expand the storage capacity .

So even with the availability and the price offered . There is no certainty the Z2 Xperia mini version will be released to the market . But at least , the appearance of the brochure Sony Xperia A2 can be sure that a latest mobile phone from Sony will be released some time in the future .


Teacher and Principal of JIS Attended Avoid Police Reporter

Jakarta Police suspect teachers Jakarta International School ( JIS Principal ) summons investigators on Saturday ( 26/4 ) for avoiding reporters .

" It is the plan ( call ) this week examined the call they ( JIS ) consider working day and avoid reporters , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Rikwanto police investigator explained to schedule an examination of the teaching staff and Principal of JIS Timothy Carr on Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .
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However , the teacher meets the JIS and accelerate Carr calls police investigators on Saturday ( 26/4 ) for some reason does not interfere with the work of unknown mass media consideration .

Rikwanto revealed investigators ask 17 to 27 questions to the homeroom teacher of sexual abuse victims AK and Carr .

" The questions range terms of responsibilities , security issues , parenting , environmental conditions , " he said .

Rikwanto stated examination faculty and the principal indications of the involvement leads JIS yet .

However , investigators will call the two witnesses that if they find evidence of indications of involvement in cases of sexual assault .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Money, General Election We Anomaly

Already have an option yet ? If not , home alone . There is little here, " said a man in a cell phone conversation in the corner of the township , Sarua , Chester , South Tangerang , Banten .

It was a brief conversation , about nine hours before the voting legislative elections . Villagers call the movement " crickets " in the middle of the night . Envelopes distributed teams shadow candidates , especially provincial assembly candidates or agents of the district / city . In addition to the envelope a minimum of U.S. $ 15,000 , in short a very clear message that voters cast their particular candidate names .
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Should blame the people who receive the money ? Alternatively , it actually rests on an error of political parties that " origin " select candidates in order to reach the figure of victory despite some candidates who do not rely on the money to dredge the voice of the people ?

In an instant , the attack " crickets " that satisfy the economic needs of the people's insistence to make voters complacent . Forget , when the act tarnished the party cadres in the importation of bovine graft , corruption Hambalang construction of facilities , and hit the Bank Century case . A number of achievements covered Yudhoyono government indecision perception and perception of corrupt party , as experienced by the Democratic Party .

Forget , when the parties are very close to the figure of the suffering of the people due to the Lapindo mudflow , tax evasion , corruption acts oblivious to the head area with money laundering or the figure of the party cadres who allegedly has a dark history of human rights violations and violence . In fact , with the money , voters can be contrived to forget for a moment the case law that overrides candidates .

Meanwhile , after falling in the 2004 presidential election , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle for a decade has chosen not in the government coalition , the government chose the opposite . Critical attitude toward the government regarded the community as a positive performance , it exceeds the performance of the government that has attempted to guarantee the safety and security of a nation . That anomaly Indonesian elections .

Why is money more massive political behavior ? Political analyst Burhanuddin Muhtadi said , the cause is institutional design that makes open proportional system based personal voters and candidates . Indicated , there are three parties who perform systematic political money . Not primarily by calegnya , but his party is playing with bombarding in the constituency fat .

Another cause is a culture of reciprocity. In Banten , for example , equated with babajakan political elections , in which a culture of binge eating catfish . That's where the candidates invited to provide urunan for the party , which could affect the level of desirability . Burhanuddin not deny , there is also a false political behavior . Increasingly do not trust the political institutions , the political maraklah money .

This is our electoral anomalies . After the vote, whether purely people's choice or simply " buy " , the coalition has now become a tug of interests between the parties .


Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Important Notes Indonesian Civil Society in NETmundial

A number of Civil Society Organization ( CSO ) Indonesia has been actively involved in the global multi-stakeholder meeting of the Internet , NETmundial ( NETmundial.br ) , who has just finished held in Sao Paulo - Brazil , 23 to 24 April 2014.

There are three important notes of Indonesian CSOs related to Internet governance process verbally conveyed directly through the hub ( teleconference ) special NETmundial Indonesia , on 24 April 2014 , evening ( Central European Time ) .
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" Multistakeholder approach ( multi-stakeholder : government , business , civil society , the technical community , academia - Ed. ) In Internet governance , should be made ​​more concrete , no longer limited to the spirit . This approach should be encouraged to be part of the decision-making process at the national level , "said Donny BU , from ICT Watch , which delivered the first record on behalf of Indonesian CSOs Network for Internet Governance ( ID - CONFIG ) .

According to Donny , the governance processes running now , the spirit of multi-stakeholder it has opened up opportunities for a variety of symmetric parties to engage in dialogue internet governance . " But on the field , there is asymmetric capabilities and competence of the parties involved , " he added , in a written statement received detikINET , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) .

As for the second record , which was delivered by Shita Laksmi of Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiatives ( SEATTI ) / HIVOS is also the name of ID - CONFIG , emphasizing the importance of the principle of transparency and accountability in policy making processes ( governance ) Internet at the national level . " Transparency and accountability should be monitored and assessed continuously by a multi - stakeholder , " Shita said .

According Shita , just resting on the implementation of the multi-stakeholder dialogue , not necessarily a guarantee that the process of decision-making is transparent and accountable .

" There are a number of experiences where the discussion ( though already multistakeholder - ed . ) , But the poor quality of the group's report , ( because ) some suggestions of the parties are not taken seriously , " he said .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maruarar: Jokowi Builds Team to Cover up Shortcomings

Chairman of the PDI - P Maruarar Sirait said that the presidential candidate , Joko Widodo or Jokowi , require appropriate vice presidential candidate to cover the shortfall. According to him , Jokowi companion candidates should figure more aggressive .

" Jokowi definitely has flaws, a lie that has no shortage , " said Chairman of the PDI - P Maruarar Sirait in a discussion in Cikini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .
Member of Commission XI of the House of Representatives said the vice president to Jokowi figure it must be able to create solidity and effective leadership style . Vice as it can be brushed off rumors that the vice president is only a reserve player .

Maruarar found solidity between the president and the vice president becomes absolute . This is necessary so that there is commonality of mission and steps in designing or executing a policy .

" Some say the vice president would be a spare tire . Was I sure baseball . Jokowi will build a team , and it's good to cover up his shortcomings, " said Maruarar .

Up to now figure that would be the vice presidential candidate Jokowi still a mystery . A number of names had appeared , among them Vice President Jusuf Kalla 2004-2009 ; KPK chairman Abraham Samad ; former Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Mahfud MD ; and former Chief of Staff of the Army , Gen. ( Ret. ) Ryamizard Ryacudu .
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Of all the names that , no one else who has a strong signal will accompany Jokowi . The final choice will be decided after thorough discussion between the officials and the PDI - P party coalition .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Advised PPP to Bring kisruhnya-Legal

Observer Political Communication Paramadina University Hendri Satria see existing internal chaotic internal United Development Party ( PPP ) has been increasingly complex . He also suggested that both camps in the conflict in this issue bring it into law.

"I think it should be resolved . If you need to take legal action . So that 's all over , no more problems , " Hendri said when contacted Kompas.com , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) afternoon .

Conflicts such as these , according to him never happens to one of the Islamic -based political party , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) . At that time , Alm camp Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur camp clashed with the National Awakening Party chairman Muhaimin Iskandar today .

" Finally, they also bring it into legal channels , and decided Muhaimin who won it . Done problem . Not going to continue to drag on , " said Hendri .

Later , if it continues like this left floating , Hendri believes the problem will never be finished . Beseteru Both parties will continue to feel the most correct and do not want to be blamed .

" Grass root PPP will be confused by their party , the PPP will certainly split , " he said .

Chaotic at PPP began when Chairman PPP unilaterally Suryadharma Ali attended the grand campaign Gerindra at the Bung Karno Main Stadium , in the 2014 legislative election campaign some time ago .

Action Suryadharma Ali who came and supported the nomination as a presidential candidate Prabowo violate Mukernas PPP results . Mukernas decide the political will to establish communication with the existing eight presidential candidate . In the list of eight names , no names Prabowo .

Suryadharma overthrow discourse had emerged by the DPP and the number of elite branch of the PPP . However Suryadharma stick with his decision and dismiss the elite instead of the DPP and the DPW .

Then on Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) , evening Suryadharma declare Gerindra in coalition with the PPP attended by Prabowo .
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Later Romahurmuziy PPP Secretary General said , that done by Suryadharma dismissal invalid . So even with the coalition conducted by Gerindra and PPP . Tonight, Romahurmuziy camp scheduled to be held to discuss issues rapimnas coalition .


Namo Sira Sira, the exquisite Freshwater Beach in Medan

Sira - sira Namo Beach - The beach is a tourist spot that is most sought after by many people . The beach is usually synonymous with the sound of waves, the wind is blowing hard , and the strains of the distinctive sound of a coconut tree .

This time , I 'll tell you about the holidays early last month with a group of STM ( Original Helping States ) at the school where I work . Preparation of any fighter I prepared ahead of time .
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Still curious about the Sira - sira Namo beach . In the city of Medan in particular , the public is more familiar with the title of the creek shore . The beach is decorated with rocks , clear water , which flows fit for rafting . Unlike the typical beach with pounding of the waves .

The trip takes 3 hours in the garden this * person * kejebak usually taken at a distance of 2 hours from the city of Medan . Sira - sira Namo Beach is actually the base of the dam Sira - sira Namo .

Sira - sira Namo is the most fitting sights relieve fatigue . Convenient location , spacious parking , and many other facilities offered .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Always Fit , Miss Online 2014 Do It

Always Fit , Miss Online 2014 Do It
KEEP your body healthy is an important thing in wading solid activity . Keeping your body healthy is also performed by the winner of Miss Online 2014 , Jesslyn Anggasta Hardi .

" In health care, I have never been picky . Example , there must be a vegetable because I most like to eat there - broth soup , " Jesslyn said during a visit to the editorial Okezone at HighEnd Building , Kebun Sirih , Central Jakarta , recently this .
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In addition, the 18 -year-old woman in maintaining health also consume a variety of fruits . Jesslyn claimed to love eating fruits , such as yam which is believed to make the skin become white and healthy , then banana , pineapple , watermelon , and grapes .

" So , when the quarantine was Miss Indonesia is also often provided fruits , such as bananas or grapes , and others-others , so are used to eating fruit , " said Miss Online 2014 .

In addition , in order to keep his body healthy virgin sweet smile owner also does not forget to exercise . Jesslyn admitted he was pleased the gym so that his body fit and healthy .

" Sometimes it is tired too, if the gym as the body becomes stiff , but still have the gym to be fit , " he concluded .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

BI: Pick prohibited Publisher Electronic Money Closing Costs

Menyempuranakan Bank Indonesia regulations on electronic money , the Bank Indonesia Regulation ( PBI ) PBI No.16/8/PBI/2014 regarding change No.11/12/PBI/2009 of electronic money .

Executive Director of Policy and Payment System Oversight BI , Rosmaya Hadi , explains , one of which is set by Bank Indonesia is the minimum value that must be abandoned electronic money holder .

" Publishers are prohibited other conditions , unilaterally withhold money , charge termination . Because electronic money such as money , must be taken whole , "said Rosmaya , at the Bank of Indonesia, Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Rosmaya said , electronic money differently from the savings . In general , saving clients must leave balances to terminate or close the account . He was sure , electronic money issuers may not charge a termination fee of electronic money services .

In addition , the electronic money issuer is not allowed to establish an exclusive partnership with public facilities . For example, the use of electronic money at the pump should be from a variety of publishers .

" Gas station should be open to all publishers , as well as toll , and ( later ) MRT , " said Rosmaya .

However, BI still provide an opportunity for publishers to charge fees . It is intended that the business of electronic money more passionate , and appeared healthy competition .

Rosmaya admitted , issued since 2009, the use of electronic money should still be encouraged . " The organizers are less interested because it does not provide benefits . They only collect fees from card reedem process ," he explained .
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Publisher Electronic money also allowed to charge the first issuance and replacement of lost cards . " There is also an administration fee for accounts dormant (unused for years ) , the cost of services and facilities , the cost of charging ualng , if the cost of inter-bank cash withdrawals , " said Rosmaya .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Unmanned Aircraft, Google Wants What?

Drone or popularly called drones , not just a toy of the rich and technology enthusiasts . Tools that can be controlled remotely considered to have future value , both in terms of business , or perhaps also the human side , thus making the company like Google and Facebook want to acquire drone manufacturers .

Google has just acquired a drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) , at a price not disclosed .

Companies from Moriarty , New Mexico , United States , it was only two years old and of course still pioneering . Titan Aerospace headed by Vern Raburn as CEO . He served as CEO of Symantec antivirus software company and is involved in the early development of Microsoft .

A total of 20 employees of the Titan Aerospace endlessly doing research and development that creates great innovation .

Unmanned aircraft resembling a dragonfly that claimed to be able to fly for 5 years without having to go down to land and refuel . They utilize solar power as an energy source . Solar panels placed on the wings and tail . Various plane sizes , depending on the type .

Titan Aerospace Solara 60 , for example , could be the distance of 4 million kilometers to rely on solar power . He was able to survive for 5 years at an altitude of 20 kilometers from the Earth's surface .

This type is the " atmospheric satellites " which has many capabilities similar to a real satellite . Drone weighing 160 kilograms is capable of carrying a variety of equipment weighing 32 kilo grams .

Spread the internet

With the ability to lift weights , I hope the plane can carry a camera apparatus and wireless communication equipment that can transmit the internet signal to the region that is still " offline . "

This is the main mission of Google's purchase of Titan Aerospace : spreading Internet access to areas with no internet access .

Google previously also has projects with a similar mission , called Project Loon . Only Loon Project utilizing high-flying balloon to transmit the internet signal .

Google will combine the two teams that Titan Aerospace technology and can inflate Loon Project communication tasks . Collaboration technology is expected to result in a computer programming algorithm to monitor the wind direction to predict the weather , with a high-resolution photograph of the earth for navigation and mapping features of Google Maps .

" Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism about the potential of technology to improve the world , " Google wrote in a statement . " It's still early days , but it could bring atmospheric satellite internet access for millions of people , and help solve problems , including helping to natural disasters and environmental degradation such as deforestation . "
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Google does have a lot of money to acquire a company and they did have to give up some of that money for " discarded . " Perhaps there is some speculative acquisitions . Some were successful and a source of income .

Nevertheless, Google's efforts to deploy drones internet does not seem to be running smoothly so alone . Regulators in the United States is still reviewing the use of drones in the air for commercial purposes because they also consider the air traffic in and use of the frequency spectrum . Promise , this rule will be completed in 2015 .


Potential JCI 4900 Still a Level Translucent

JAKARTA - Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) in today's trading is expected to move in the range of levels of support 4852 and resistance 4933 .

Research Department PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities , William Suryawijaya , say JCI scored the highest score compared with the previous day 's highest achievement . According to him , this is very good step in the fulfillment of JCI uptrend pattern .

" But the success has not broken the resistance level at 4903 is one of the factors that aggravate and extend the timeframe increment step of the JCI , " William said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .
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William added , when viewed from the other side where the capital inflow which happens quite large , indicating that the strength gained has not diminished .

According to William , the potential for continued strength in the upmove JCI is still large enough to break through the resistance level 4903 towards the next resistance at 4933 levels , the current support is at 4852 level which maintained strong enough . " It is still able to maintain uptrend pattern if not uprooted , " he added .

Throughout trading , stock index touched a high of 4893.23 early in the session 1 and touched its lowest level preclosing 4863.01 ahead of the first session and ending at the level of 4864.84 .

Trading volume and the total value of transactions rose . Foreign investors recorded net sell with the increase in the value of the transaction to buy and sell transactions . Domestic investors recorded a net buy .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Surveyors & Sucofindo Requested Increase Performance

JAKARTA - The government asserted the state -owned enterprises ( SOEs ) in the field of verification must improve its performance . Especially in maintaining the sovereignty of Indonesia's trade .

Secretary to the Director -General ( Secretary of Directorate General ) Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) Firdaus said two SOEs in the field of verification , namely Sucofindo and Surveyor is already well reputed in verifying products export and import .

But in the future , especially in facing the Indonesian tereintegrasinya into the ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2015 , the two state-owned companies are expected to continue to improve the quality of their performance in order to maintain the sovereignty of the Indonesian trade .

" They have to improve their performance through verification and survey activities , both regionally and internationally , " he said when contacted by reporters ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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To keep the trade , the two companies are already working together verification with verification agencies abroad , and opened an office in some ASEAN countries such as Thailand . Sucofindo and Surveyors also conduct test ( free shipment inspection ) for agricultural products and fruits to be imported in Indonesia .

" The role Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia in the international arena is going well because in addition to working with the verification company SGS is also the country concerned , " said Firdaus .

He explained that , although the state enterprise status , what do both these SOEs have been accredited both nationally and internationally .

Exemplified , on verification of a motor vehicle if the quality of X but after verification, was the result into X1 and X2 , then the public will question the integrity of both the SOE . " This is what I say trade our sovereignty is at stake , " said Firdaus .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Suwarno father "of the Builders Meatballs" Never Know Her son Found in Freezer

Family Suwarno ( 37 ) , in the village of Gondang Rawe , Andong , Boyolali can not do anything and wait Suwarno bodies found in meat refrigeration in Tangerang , Banten .

Jumadi and Karinem did not expect , the second son of the seven children they had already died. Jumadi admitted he was shocked to learn his son 's body was found in the freezer .

" I do not know initially if it's in the freezer , just a friend of my son saying that Suwarno already dead , " said Jumadi when met at the funeral home .

Meanwhile , Karsinem still looked in shock and crying constantly . Family and neighbors took turns coming to utter grief . Suwarno shock departure of the entire family and the neighbors .

In addition to being the backbone of the family , figure Jumadi quiet and not a lot of acting is considered unlikely to have an enemy . " The person is silent mas , and not a lot of doings ( behavior ) so I also wonder why there is heart to kill him , " said Jumadi .

From the testimony of Joel, Sarwono had wandered for four years in Jakarta . Before trading meatballs , he had worked in a company . After resigning , severance capital obtained is used to open a stall meatball " Great Taste " .

" Last Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) yesterday , a call to the home and asked his mother the news that the new hospital , " said Jumadi .
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The family hopes police solve the case soon . The family is still waiting for the arrival of the bodies from the police . The plan 's body will be buried in the local village cemetery .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Motorcycle Lights Illuminate Vote

The sun began to sink, but no legislative election vote count is finished also . Task overwhelmed because they have no explanation for extending voice count .

Some alternatives sought to illuminate the ground location Ballot ( TPS ) 19 wards Andalas , Padang District East , located on Highway Andalas , Padang , West Sumatra, including emergency lights turn on . But with the small lights that illuminate not afford enumeration activities .

An officer had an idea . It then turns on a light motorcycle diarahkkan on the right side of the TPS . Initially, there is a new red bike . Not enough , the officer added one more bike to recapitulate the process can run well . ( Read : Saturday , 400 citizens of Yogyakarta Mencoblos Repeat )
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Task KPPS TPS 19 Farid Al Farabi admits his lack of coordination with the building owner so you can not light the lamp in the room. " We're not coordinated with the building owner . Accordingly, I can not turn on the lights , " he said.

Collection and calculation of votes is done in one aisle renovated Budi Mulia Field . The TPS is available 297 registered voters in the DPT . However, only 147 are using the right select . ( Read : Arguing with Wife , Team Brass Damaged TPS )

When does the math voice DPRD Padang, then realized there was no light task lights . This leads to the computation of votes molor until 21.00 pm .

Rahmaini , locals , pleaded see calculations using only voice descriptions of emergency lights and two motorbikes. " One of my son 's motor . It would rather turn on his motorcycle to illuminate the location. Though no replacement gas money , " he told Tempo .

Even without adequate explanation , summary calculation process went smoothly voice . Moreover, all the witnesses to accept the condition. ( Read : Lagi Junk man : Not Much Hope of Elections )

General Elly Yanti Bawaslu West Sumatra say the explanation will not interfere with the process of computation . " We will follow up. Could be that the calculation will be done again, " he said on Thursday , 10 April 2014 .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Residents and Two Outer Islands in Papua New District Following Election Today

A number of areas in Papua New polling in order to carry out the legislative elections in 2014 , on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) . Voting in these areas was delayed due to logistical delays .

Secretary Election Commission Runwarin Nduga Anthony , said there are two districts in the District Nduga , the interior of Papua , which carry voting today . The new logistics arrived today in both the district due to bad weather .

" The plane belonged to missionaries , AMA , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) could fly but due to bad weather then back to Wamena , " said Runwarin .

According to him , the two districts are Wudpaga District which has 10 polling stations and Mengiaden District which has 13 polling stations with a turnout of each 458 people .

Nduga district alone has 32 ​​districts with voter number 146 784 people, spread across 421 polling stations .

Elsewhere , a total of 106 residents of the outer islands Mapia , Supiori Regency , Papua , also new channel voting rights on this day after the logistics are sent by ship KM Yap Wairon , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) night.

" Certainty shipping logistics with an estimated ship Wairon Yap residents Thursday afternoon will distribute election voting rights , " said Epson Prawar , Mapia island residents , in Biak .

Based on data from Biak Sahbandar today , pioneering ship KM Yap at 21:40 midnight Wairon send election supplies to the island Mapia and Brasi , the ballot boxes were escorted box pileg four members of the Commission , two members of the municipal police , Supervisory Committee , and police officers Police Supiori .
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" Ship pioneering KM Yap district government Wairon bring citizens as a public passenger Mapia 25 people , " said Sem pioneer ship service officer added.

Slowness of delivery of election supplies to the island Mapia constrained because KM Papua Five ships were damaged leaves so that the ship's engines election supplies can not be transported on a Tuesday night at 19:00 pm .