Monday, April 14, 2014

Surveyors & Sucofindo Requested Increase Performance

JAKARTA - The government asserted the state -owned enterprises ( SOEs ) in the field of verification must improve its performance . Especially in maintaining the sovereignty of Indonesia's trade .

Secretary to the Director -General ( Secretary of Directorate General ) Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) Firdaus said two SOEs in the field of verification , namely Sucofindo and Surveyor is already well reputed in verifying products export and import .

But in the future , especially in facing the Indonesian tereintegrasinya into the ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2015 , the two state-owned companies are expected to continue to improve the quality of their performance in order to maintain the sovereignty of the Indonesian trade .

" They have to improve their performance through verification and survey activities , both regionally and internationally , " he said when contacted by reporters ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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To keep the trade , the two companies are already working together verification with verification agencies abroad , and opened an office in some ASEAN countries such as Thailand . Sucofindo and Surveyors also conduct test ( free shipment inspection ) for agricultural products and fruits to be imported in Indonesia .

" The role Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia in the international arena is going well because in addition to working with the verification company SGS is also the country concerned , " said Firdaus .

He explained that , although the state enterprise status , what do both these SOEs have been accredited both nationally and internationally .

Exemplified , on verification of a motor vehicle if the quality of X but after verification, was the result into X1 and X2 , then the public will question the integrity of both the SOE . " This is what I say trade our sovereignty is at stake , " said Firdaus .


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