Friday, May 2, 2014

BOS Not Transparent Prone Deviation

Information about the School Operational Assistance ( BOS ) in Yogykarta assessed is still closed . Therefore , the non-governmental organizations urged the government to disclose information in a transparent manner to ward deviation .

" We urge local and central government for more serious socialize the Freedom of Information Law , again primarily related to public access use of the funds , " said Director of the Karsa The Work Foundation ( YSKK ) , Suroto , in the event of Fund Accountability Working Group Assessment of BOS , Friday, May 2, 2014 .
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Referring to Law No. 14/2008 on Public Information ( KIP ) , BOS information freely accessible to the public .

According to Kang Roto , cases of fraud that occurred in the BOS budget for schools and related agencies shut down .

" Why did they go to school and associated agencies are not transparent use of the BOS budget . Certainly open if the public can better evaluate , in fact it is not currently , " he explained .

Even from YSKK results of research conducted in 2013 , approximately 87 percent of drai 222 BOS recipients in nine province refuses to submit reports of use of funds .

" Rejection was not only performed but also UPTD school educational institutions . A number of reasons ranging from the document submitted confidential and only BPK , CPC and the Inspectorate is entitled mengauditnya . "

On October 21, 2013 , YSKK with a number of civil society organizations and community care access education test in Central Java , Yogyakarta , West Java , Banten , Jakarta , East Java , Lampung , and NAD .

As of 22 primary schools and 23 secondary schools in Yogyakarta , only 14 schools that are willing to willing to hand over documents use of the funds .

"This clearly shows that the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law is also not optimal . Society and primarily we believe that parents do not know until the details of the use of the BOS budget , " he said . ( ren )

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