Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bank Mandiri industrious Find Target Acquisition

Bank continues to finalize plans to show off at the ASEAN banking arena . One way is , gold ribbon bearing the bank is still keen to find the object the acquisition of a financial institution .

In the second half of this year , the bank focused search for acquisition targets in the form of a bank that is engaged in the retail business . " If the banks , we find that moving in retail , " said Pahala N. Mansuri , Finance and Strategy Director of Bank Mandiri , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . However , the red plate this bank did not rule out acquiring non - bank companies .

Completing the establishment of independent finance companies . Companies form joint venture (JV ) that will work on the two-wheeler financing in markets outside of Java.
( read: burung kenari )

While looking for acquisition targets , plans to finalize Independent acquisition financing . The need to fund the inorganic growth to Rp 12 trillion . Mandiri will use internal funds to finance a portion of the total funding needs .

Needs funds to finance acquisitions , including 80 percent of the shares Inhealth . Earlier this month , Mandiri has completed the purchase of 60 percent stake in the insurance company whose value ranges from Rp 1 trillion . " It is estimated to cost Rp 1.2 trillion to Rp 1.3 trillion , " said Pahala .

In addition to internal cash , Mandiri will utilize a variety of funding sources . Currently Mandiri still finalizing funding source option in question . To be sure , Pahala asserted , the issuance of debt securities or bonds is not an option to reap fresh funds .

" Anyway , in any form , but does not include bonds , " he added . In fact , at the beginning of this year , Mandiri had planned to publish the Collective Investment Contract Asset Backed Securities ( KIK EBA ) amounting to Rp 500 billion - Rp 700 billion . ( Issa Almawadi / Nina Dwiantika )


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