Friday, March 14, 2014

Floating on Beach Attack , Chinese tourists Most Likes

Floating on Beach Attack , Chinese tourists Most Likes
If the Australian and European Caucasians spend more time on the shoreline , unlike tourists from China , which is more comfortable for long in the middle of the sea . Serangan Island waters , Denpasar , one of South Asia 's travelers demand . (see also: obat burung)

For water lovers , Serangan Island , Denpasar , gave a challenge to the various types of facilities provided several water sport operators , such as banana boat , water sky , until the dolphins . Among the attractions in the surrounding water is always crowded Melasti Beach flooded with tourists is floating in the sea .

Arriving at the beach , wistatawan , usually the group , immediately picked up maximum motor boat ride to the 10 objects that pioneered since 2009 . Her name is Green Island .

" Usually , tourists come here to party , mostly from China , such as Beijing , Shanghai , and others , " said Wayan worth , manager of Green Island attack , in Denpasar , Bali , on Friday ( 03/14/2014 ) .

Upon arrival , tourists can relax a little bit while sitting on wooden benches around the pond diatata slick floating rectangular , before embarking on the adventure at sea . Those who have the guts plunge into the sea will be accompanied by a guide to plant mangrove trees and sea horses . In the vicinity there is also a pool of various types of sea horses and sharks so that visitors can better understand wildlife biota typical Luat around the island attack .

Indeed , this attraction , from the beginning is dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs and sea horses which serves also to keep marine life . Every day , no less than 700 to 800 Chinese tourists visiting this place up for hours while enjoying the culinary specialties of the sea .

In addition , there are also domestic tourists who visited this place , usually in large quantities . " We are interested in visiting this place for planting and release of sea horses , is in line with our vision helped preserve the marine environment in particular , " said Randy Desmond , and the Shared Services Manager and PT VADS Indonesia , accompanied by Representative TripClouds Tour , Jonathan Hutabarat .
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They had come to Bali for a vacation at the same time implementing a joint responsibility of the company to maintain and preserve nature by planting mangrove , sea horses take off , and release a turtle into its habitat . Randy added , a time when re- visiting Green Island attack , could see the development of mangrove trees that he planted types of coral under the sea . He also hoped that the Balinese , who are already known to the world , can still be maintained so as to keep the beauty of marine habitats attract tourists to come .


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