Wednesday, June 4, 2014

German researchers : Due mudflow Earthquake in Yogyakarta

Researchers from the University Research Team Born, Germany , Prof. Stephen Miller said Lapindo mudflow caused by natural disasters triggered by the earthquake in Yogyakarta a few years ago .

" Lusi ( mudflow ) related to the earthquake in Yoyakarta before, " said Stephen told reporters after presenting the study mudflow in Sidoarjo , East Java , in Building Research and Development Center of Marine Geology , in Djungdjunan Street , Bandung , West Java , on Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .( Read: produk aluminium )

Stephen admitted , his team never went directly to Sidoarjo to conduct direct research . The conclusion , said Stephen , reinforced with the same events in a number of countries , such as Italy .

" Louise is in Sidoarjo it happened just like in Italy . So , because there are earthquakes before, there is friction heat rocks . Lusi out like lava because there is pressure from below then bursts out , " he said .

Stephen said , there is no solution to overcome the problem of the emergence of the Lapindo mud , because according to him , it is a natural phenomenon .

" Lusi could not stop , it's a natural phenomenon , so it will continue to issue ripples but small and will not expand . Lusi at the bottom may be hardened , but could not trampled , as if trodden will become soft , " he said .

Even so , Stephen said , the mud will not be harmful to the surrounding community , because letupannya not too big . "No danger , no problem for the local population , " he said .

Meanwhile , Deputy Head of the Sidoarjo Mud Mitigation Agency ( BPLS ) Hadi Prasetyo said , there are two theories that the cause of the Sidoarjo Mud .

" Firstly because there is an explosion in the basement , and the second is triggered by an earthquake in Yogyakarta . Which disaster in Yogya and have long been controversial , even to be taken ( research ) to South Africa , " said Hadi .(Read: grosir lampu emergency surya )

Then came again the alleged cause of melupanya Lapindo mud due to geothermal . According to Hadi , the allegations were still to be clarified . However, according to Hadi , Lapindo mudflow disaster as much as possible can be used to package tourism in the area in the future .


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